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Featured Artist: Disappears


Disappears ties to Lula predate the bands existence by almost 10 years. Brian Case met his wife there, a former employee who helped open the restaurant and Jonathan Van Herik - currently Lula's most senior staff member (12 years (!)) - met bassist Damon Carruesco at the counter during brunch service. Damon later went on to be a member of the kitchen staff for a short period.

How would you describe your work?
Brian Case: Minimal, physical music that focuses heavily on repetition with some avant-garde tendencies. Or, "rock band."

What inspires you?

Bauhaus (the band), Metropolis (the movie), Dub (the genre), Bauhaus (the art movement), delay (the concept), delay (the effect), and minimalism in almost any form.

How long have you been working on music?

Disappears has been a band for about 6 years now but as individuals we've all been playing music for almost 100 years (combined).

How does working with the band fuel your creativity?

Disappears is a place to explore concepts that overlap between the physical and theoretical - a conscious escape from the everyday world in an attempt to create our own.

Do you have any design/work rituals?

None too specific, mostly get into a room together and talk through a few ideas, play for a while and then start taking parts away - try to carve out some negative space with the music.

What is your favorite item at Lula?

Jason Hammel.

What’s your favorite thing about Logan Square?

Lula, right?

What are you currently consuming?

I'm reading a book about the history of 4AD records (Facing the Other Way - Martin Aston) which has sent me on a huge Lush / Cocteau Twins binge. I always have a J.G. Ballard book of short stories floating around as well as a collection of interviews with Stanley Kubrick. I've also been on a really big Unwound kick, I definitely wouldn't be doing music without their influence. And the Serial podcast - very good.

And what’s up next for you?

2015 is going to be very busy for us. Our new record Irreal comes out in January and we'll be on the road through summer to support it. Besides that I'm sure we'll be writing and recording, hopefully getting another album done before the end of the year.

Where can we find you on the net?

We're new to Instagram so maybe try us there (disappears_music) but we're on all the regular offenders.

Photo by Zoran Orlic.


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